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Morasch and Pressure Safe

A family owned business, Established in 1956, Morasch Meats has always been recognized as having the highest quality and safety standards in the meat manufacturing industry.
To insure the success and continuing quality and safety for generations to come, the Morasch family invests in education, technology and innovation to insure that the highest quality and most rigerous standards are maintained.

History of HPP

  • 1896 1914 Professors at West Virginia Agricultural Experiment
    Station study the effect of hydrostatic pressures on the inactivation of microbes in fruits, vegetables and milk
  • 1982 1988 Professors at the University of Delaware prove that
    pressures of 50,000 psi (pounds per square inch) can inactivate
    a wide range of pathogenic and food spoilage microbes.
  • 1988 1993 The Japanese food industry forms a research
    consortium to commercialize high pressure food preservation.
    The first products are marketed in Japan using pressures of
    60,000 psi.(pounds per square inch)
  • 1993 1995 The US Army initiates a study of food preservation
    by high pressure to obtain better quality rations
  • 1997 Avomex, Inc. is formed to pressure treat avocado puree
    (guacamole) and the first commercially recognized HPP
    product is sold in the US marketplace.


Clean. Natural. Efficient.

Pressure Safe is working continually to close the loop and off-set not only our carbon footprint, but that of our community.

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